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  • January – March Winter Archery League
  • January 27 – Game Dinner #1 
  • February 24 – Game Dinner #2
  • March 8 – April 19 – Friday Night Fish Fry – 5:00PM
  • March 17 – April 14  – Ham Shoots – Sundays – 9:00AM 
  • April 5 – Spring Meat Raffle – 7:00PM
  • April 7 – 3D Archery Shoot (Pioneer Valley League)
  • April 13-14 – Hunter Safety class (Register through MassWildlife)
  • May 25 – Tent Set-up – 10:00AM 
  • June 1 – Picnic Table work party
  • June 8 – Clam Bake
  • June 15 – Tent Take-down (Rain Date June 30)
  • June 30 – 3D Archery Shoot (Pioneer Valley League)
  • July 28 – 3D Archery Shoot (Pioneer Valley League)
  • October 2 – February 26, 2019 – Western MA Indoor Pistol League – Tuesdays 7:00PM
  • October – November  – Turkey Shoots
  • November – Fall Meat Raffle – 7:00PM

The Preserve at Swift River Sportsman’s Club

The Swift River Sportsman’s Club is also a licensed Shooting Preserve with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. We have four hundred acres of diverse cover with one hundred acres of that designated for our shooting preserve. This preserve allows our members and non-members the opportunity to hunt birds from September 1st to March 31st. (season is set by our Bird Committee & Board of Directors)

The club does stock the grounds during the regular state pheasant season for our members. Members are allowed a daily limit of two birds on club grounds during the state season, but may tag these birds and continue to hunt elsewhere in the state and shoot the state limit of birds. Private hunts are also available for purchase to members and non-members alike, with members receiving a discount on their birds. Private hunts have a five minimum and a fifty bird maximum. Private hunts are by appointment only. Rates are set annually and may be subject to change. The current rates are listed below.

Bird Hunting Regulations

  1. No Hunting before legal sunrise and No Hunting after legal sunset
  2. Fall Limits: Pheasant 2 per day, ten total during the State fall season, 2 per day ten total after the state season when preserve is not closed for private hunts
  3. No Hunting within 150 feet of the club driveway
  4. No Hunting within 150 feet of any building on club grounds
  5. No hunting or scenting of dogs around the bird pens
  6. No hunting of birds during the State Deer Season (Shotgun and Muzzle-Loader) – Monday after Thanksgiving through December 31st. Unless you have book a private hunt.
  7. A minimum of a hunter orange cap or hat must be worn while bird hunting on club grounds (Vests recommended)
  8. All birds harvested must be logged in on the Club Harvest Log. ( We must have an accurate record of birds harvested for our State Filing Reports) Harvest log is located at the preserve open/ closed sign.
  9. Pay attention to the sign in front of the Club House, behind the fence. The preserve may be closed periodically.
  10. Any bird caught by dogs count as the owners limit for the day and season and must be logged in under the owners’ name.
  11. No logging birds under the other members’ names.
  12. Once bird limit is reached for the year no more birds are to be harvested. (unless harvested under a private hunt
  • Current years Massachusetts hunting license
  • Hunter Orange hat minimum. (Vest recommended)
  • Members $23 per bird (5 bird min.- 50 bird max.)
  • Non Members $26 per bird (5 bird min. – 50 bird max.)
  • Members (two birds daily/ ten birds total during the state season)
    With an additional 2 bird/ day- 10 bird total after the season when the preserve is not closed for a private hunt. (Private hunts in progress are posted on club grounds)
  • Non Members (Hunting limited to private hunts only. Limit is set for the amount of birds purchased for that hunt.).

To Book a Private Hunt Call
Doug Salamon @ 413-210-1794
Photos courtesy of Steve Soja​