A Word From the President


Welcome to our website.  I hope you will enjoy it and find it informative.  Our Club has a great deal to offer, thanks to the efforts of our members, whose dedication and wide variety of skills keep it going.

  We got a lot accomplished last year and this year looks to be just as busy.  The Clam Bake is coming up June 10.  Tickets are expected to sell out fast.  They will be available at the April meeting and this year they will be sold COD.     The Second Amendment Rally will be June 17.  If you’re wondering why that’s important,  start by  looking at what guns you could legally purchase in Massachusetts in 1993, compared to just one year ago, and now today.  You’ll soon see what’s happening, and that’s just a small part of the picture.  The IBO Championship will be held at our Club on July 29 and 30.

 A reminder, when shooting on the Indoor Range use lead bullets only.  No jacketed or semi-jacketed ammo.   The range has sustained new damage to the walls and boards over the range lights.

I’d also ask all our members, who’ve worked hard to keep our Club in good order, to keep an eye out for any instances of non-members trespassing on the Rifle Range, dirt bikers trespassing on Club grounds, or damage being done to the property.  Please at least get a description and plate number and let one of the Officers or Board Members know so the proper action can be taken.  Also, please remember to turn the lights out and secure the Clubhouse door when you leave.

I look forward to seeing you at this year’s upcoming events.  The ones mentioned above are just a small example, and many more are planned.   Come on over, it’s a fun time!


More About the Club

During the last 50 or so years the Swift River Sportsman’s Club has expanded many activities to meet the requests of its members and the club continues to grow in membership and interests. We are definitely a sportsmen orientated club and wish to remain one, we encourage all members to participate in events and we want all to enjoy the club.

Club Membership

Interested in joining the Swift River Sportsman’s Club? Contact a club member or Board of Director (BOD) to have them sponsor you and complete the application process.

A Senior Member is a key card holding member that allows the individual to have access to the club and all the indoor ranges. Key card members also have voting rights at meetings. The requirements for a member to receive a key card are as follows:

**To maintain their senior membership status the individual is required to complete the required amount of work per year. If those hours are not completed the individual will be assessed at a rate of $10 per hour for the unworked hours. If the assessment is not paid, the member will forfeit their senior membership status and not be accepted back to a senior membership status until the assessment is paid.

**The work requirement is currently 12 hours.

The Membership Application and Club Bylaws are Available at the Club House or by calling Dana Charbonneau at 413-813-4799.