During the last 50 or so years, the Swift River Sportsman’s Club has expanded many activities to meet the requests of its members and the club continues to grow in membership and interests. We are definitely a sportsmen orientated club and wish to remain one – we encourage all members to participate in events. 

Club Membership

Interested in joining the Swift River Sportsman’s Club? Contact a club member or Board of Director (BOD) to have them sponsor you , complete the application and take a tour of the club.

A Senior Member is a key card holding member that allows the individual to have access to the club and all the indoor ranges. Key card members also have voting rights at meetings. The requirements for a member to receive a key card are as follows:

**To maintain their senior membership status the individual is required to complete the required amount of work per year. If those hours are not completed the individual will be assessed at a rate of $10 per hour for the unworked hours. If the assessment is not paid, the member will forfeit their senior membership status and not be accepted back to a senior membership status until the assessment is paid.

**The work requirement is currently 12 hours.

2018/2019 Pro-Rated Membership App

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